I admit it! I am a podcast-oholic.

It all started in autumn last year with “Serial”. If you haven’t heard it yet, check it out! It is crazy exciting, and I am really hoping for a follow up at some stage, ‘cos did he really do it?!

I can’t remember how I heard of it, but from “Serial” I moved on to “Being Boss” with Emily Thompson and Kathleen Shannon. It is a podcast by creative entrepreneurs for creative entrepreneurs, and it is excellent.

From there I moved on to “Start Up” from Gimlet Media about – well – the start up of Gimlet Media. The whole journey is documented from the inside, and although I don’t aspire to start my own company per se, I do find it fascinating to learn about other people’s journeys through life and their endeavours.

During “Start Up” I stumbled across “Invisible Office Hours” with Paul Jarvis and Jason Zook (Paul Jarvis was a guest on Being Boss), which is also for creatives, and they talk about more or less everything. They have a fresh and interesting take on topics such as death, anger, selling out and writing, to mention a few.

I then found “The Tim Ferriss Show” and he has different guests on covering topics such as investing, sports, business and art, in some good conversations with people in the know.

I also listen to “Art for Your Ear” by The Jealous Curator aka Danielle Krysa, who interviews contemporary artists in different genres, and having been a fan of her website/blog for a long time I was so thrilled when she also did this podcast. It is entertaining, fun, and educational all at once.

The School of Greatness” is another one that is jam packed with feel good stories. Lewis Howes talks to the biggest names out there, and encourages everyone to strive for greatness in every area of your life. I absolutely loved the recent episode with Arianna Huffington, so check it out if you have a moment.

Lenswork” is a photography podcast with Brooks Jensen, and it has been running since 2004! Who said podcasting was a new thing? I like it because of its philosophical and often spiritual approach to the topics, and they are – usually – short and to the point, with some good advice on anything regarding photography and the creative process.

Although they are quite different, all of these podcasts have something in common: how to be a better version of you, how to do better, live more spiritually and in the moment. I am definitely drawn to the be better/do better aspect of all of them, and i am quite sure it has to everything to do with the stage I am at in my life, and what I have been through this last few months.

I also love the idea of being inspired and enlightened when I am on public transport, doing some mundane work or sitting at a cafe with a cappuccino – which I am doing right now. It is such a good way to spend my time and a great excuse to unwind and pause the brain slightly.

So, where are those headphones?!