I wrote a while back about resolutions (Resolution Season), and how I wanted to simplify my life. That was six months ago (six months! Where does time go?!), and I must admit that my life hasn’t gotten much simpler. Right now I am at a loss with a lot of things; we want to buy a house, but where do we want to live, where should we send our daughter to school, can we afford the house we really want? And my job; I have a good job, great colleagues, but is it what I really want to be doing? What else can I do? And my health; I know I have to exercise, to stay mindful, to look after myself (like eating), but where do I find the time? I need to sleep minimum 7 hours a night, but I don’t have time for that either. I have a sugar addiction I need to get rid of, but I need the sugar in order to keep awake past four o’clock in the afternoon. I am stuck in a vicious circle, that has no end, no exit, no stops.

This is where I am sitting down and taking a big breath.

I don’t know how to solve the issues above, but I do know there is a solution. And – with fear of sounding like a proper hippie – I am thinking that maybe the best thing to do right now is to embrace how I am feeling, and just acknowledge it, and allow myself to feel this way, and see where it leads me. It is like that big elephant you have to eat; you do it one piece at the time. So the starter of this multiple course meal; acknowledgment. I am going to sit here and enjoy my small plate of acknowledgment, savour it, devour it, piece by piece, until the next course is being put before me.

Lunch anyone?