How do you want to feel? Happy, yes. Relaxed, sure. In balance, yup! Anything else?

Well, you can. Decide on a feeling, and feel it. It is THAT easy! Or so I am told…

I don’t think it is that easy. Not at all. I am struggling with depression at the moment, and the only thing I am feeling 90% of the time is hopeless. And the worst part about it is that I know I am being “negative”, that I shouldn’t “beat myself up”, or keep playing “the same old scenarios” on repeat in my head. I know it, but I can’t help it. So I have reached out. I realised I needed help to help myself, so I signed up for a mindfulness class, plus I have spoken to my doctor about it. And in the middle of all the hopelessness it feels great to have taken a step in the direction of heeling. I recognised that I needed help, and asked for it.

Now that is another thing I find extremely hard: asking for help. But this time the discomfort of hopelessness trumped the discomfort of asking someone for something, so here I am. On the path to a happier, healthier mental life.

What have you asked for help with recently?