I am currently on a quest to learn to be more mindful in my everyday life. I need the space in my head and the calm in my body. I am trawling the internet and books on the topic – any topic – related to mindfulness, meditation, sleep, food, you name it. I need to learn anything and everything there is to know.

But at the same time I have the need to pass the information I gather on to others. I feel it is almost wasted if I am the only one that learns about the benefits of looking after one’s mental well being as well as the physical body. So I decided to to take Brene Brown’s advice from “Daring Greatly”, and asked my boss if we could start focussing on mindfulness in the office. He said yes, and now we have a meditation space everyone can use for ten minutes a day, plus I am writing a newsletter every three weeks about the topic. I feel like I have won the lottery! I am so stoked that I took the leap, and suggested something that (still) seems like a waste of time for many. And over half the people in the office signed up for my newsletter which is huge!

I sent the first newsletter out Friday last week, and today one of my colleagues said to me: “I thought about you this weekend. I was picking blackberries and found myself stressing because I had some other things I needed to be doing as well. But then I thought about what you wrote, and decided to just enjoy the moment and pick the berries without stressing. I can’t be two places at once anyway”.

My heart sang! And I am definitely on to something here… right?