10 Ways to Crash and Burn

Put the need of others in front of your own Don’t pay attention to how you feel Don’t  have fun Don’t take time off to relax Don’t exercise Don’t pursue your dreams Eat crappy food Keep listening to the voice in your head that tells you... read more


Imagine you are on your way out the door. You are on your way to work, you are running late, and you can feel the stress coming. Your three-year-old, who still hasn’t managed to put on her snow suit, has found an empty cardboard box, which she happily pops on her head... read more

Feeling good?

How do you want to feel? Happy, yes. Relaxed, sure. In balance, yup! Anything else? Well, you can. Decide on a feeling, and feel it. It is THAT easy! Or so I am told… I don’t think it is that easy. Not at all. I am struggling with depression at the moment,... read more

A specialized generalist

I have a lot of interests. I start and stop projects, often without finishing. I want to make this my speciality. A specialist in being a generalist. The common denominator will be: finding happiness. Who doesn’t want to be happy? And who doesn’t want to... read more


You thought I had forgotten about you, didn’t you?? No, not at all. I have just been caught up in the Holiday rush and winter darkness, and it is difficult to inspire others to be mindful when oneself isn’t inspired. And it is usually when you need it the most it is... read more


I am currently on a quest to learn to be more mindful in my everyday life. I need the space in my head and the calm in my body. I am trawling the internet and books on the topic – any topic – related to mindfulness, meditation, sleep, food, you name it. I... read more

You and me, Death

I have a monkey on my back. Someone that is with me constantly, whether I want to or not. A bit like Edward, in the Tom Waits song, where he has grown a second face – a devil twin – at the back of his head. She speaks to me, sometimes quietly in a whisper... read more


I wrote a while back about resolutions (Resolution Season), and how I wanted to simplify my life. That was six months ago (six months! Where does time go?!), and I must admit that my life hasn’t gotten much simpler. Right now I am at a loss with a lot of things; we... read more

Be Better/Do Better

I admit it! I am a podcast-oholic. It all started in autumn last year with “Serial”. If you haven’t heard it yet, check it out! It is crazy exciting, and I am really hoping for a follow up at some stage, ‘cos did he really do it?! I can’t remember how I heard of it,... read more

Give Me a Break!

Oh, wait. I gave myself a break… From blogging, from updating the website, Instagram, from most things. I know consistency is the keyword when it comes to keeping it going on the internet – whether it is blogging, social media, commenting on others work... read more

Easter Tradition

We have a tradition in our house of decorating eggs for Easter. And when I say tradition, I mean a very new tradition that we started this year – all traditions needs to start somewhere right? Our daughter is two, and she has a problem with sitting still, so... read more

Gardening at Night

No, this is not a blog post about a R.E.M. song, but rather a new, let’s call it, “obsession” of mine. I call it obsession in “”, because I don’t have green thumbs – quite the opposite, my house is where plants come to die – but recently I have taken on an interest in... read more